What is an Amazon Affiliate Program? Geo targetin, instant approval on website in 2021

What is an Amazon Affiliate Program? Geo targeting, instant approval on website in 2021 : You all must know about Amazon, it is the only website in the world that has more than 10 million products. Every item sells almost every item whether it is beauty products whether it is grocery product or clothes electronic items as much as etc, the name of the owner of this company is Jeff Bezos because he is the richest person in the world, this company does a turnover of crores of rupees a month and it sells more than lakhs of products in 1 day.

So far you must have heard that these things are bought from John, you must have seen many different social media accounts where you must have seen Amazon’s address etc. How do they get there with branding? The website is the same But we are going to give you information about how its advertisements are done in different places. If you are sitting at home for free and not doing anything, then you must read our article completely because this article is going to change your life. We are going to tell you some such things that you have never heard.

You all must know that you can earn money from YouTube to Instagram and there are many social media websites, do you know that BF can earn money from Amazon, if you do not know, then we will tell you today The person who tells you how much money you can earn on amazon.pay, still I can not tell you how much but at least I can tell How much can you earn from amazon at least one to one and a half lakh rupees a month, if you want to know how to earn money from amazon, then today’s article is for all of you.

What is an Amazon affiliate program?

What is an Amazon Affiliate Program? Geo targeting, instant approval on website in 2021

amazon affiliate program is a program that gives you a chance to earn money, first of all let us tell you what is an affiliate program like I give you an example you will understand through that what is an affiliate program affiliate program is one such There is a program in which you earn less commission by selling the goods of another company, such as if you sent one of the goods, you are given some commission in return for selling that goods.Meaning that your hard work is given, we call it an affiliate program, that means neither you are working in that company nor you are promoting the goods of that company to more and more people about that stuff. You are telling them that they are buying the goods and you are given money for this work in the form of a commission.

The amazon affiliate program has been run so that the sales of the amazon company can increase as much as possible and the company can earn maximum profit, in the applet program, millions of people from all over the world join it and promote the goods of that company and in such a situation, the company has a lot. It becomes more like if millions of people will share a lot of stuff and people are seeing the picture of that stuff from every person. So that means crores of people are looking at that goods and millions of people are buying that goods, due to this the company’s goods are sold a lot and in return the company distributes a little commission among all the people who sell the goods, in such a situation, the company Along with that all those people get profit.

If you also want to join such amazon affiliate program, then for that first you have to fulfill some requirements like you must have a website or a mobile app, if you have a website then only you from amazon affiliate program can Joining the Amazon affiliate Program is very easy If you do not have a website, then go to YouTube and learn how to make a website in 30 minutes from WordPress, if you have a website, after that you have to create your own social media network like on many social media. You have to go and make an ID and be interested with people, people have to make friends and add.

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How we get instead Amazon affiliate program approval on website

If you have one of your websites, then how to get approval of amazon affiliate program on it, now we will know this, first you go to the website of amazon.in, click on the athlete program at the bottom and sign up there by visiting amazon’s affiliate site After signing up, you will be asked many details like your name, website link etc. After that you will also be asked address, phone number will also be asked and many details will be asked, after filling all this you now have to fill payment details in which you will be asked bank new IFSC and many more details after failing all this as soon as You will complete all the formalities and you will get the approval automatically.

After getting the approval, you will paste the link of the product of Amazon on your website, then it will say that it will automatically show the image of that product. You can also seal your website through With this, you can still run on your website, as well as people’s trust in you will increase and you will also be able to earn commission by selling Amazon’s product, so you are getting a lot of profit and in this way you will be able to join the program of Amazon.

Once you join the program of Amazon, then you will not face any problem again, you will be able to do affiliate marketing without any problem, you just have to pick up the product from your affiliate dashboard and share it on your website as much as the traffic on your website. The more people will see your product, the more your product will be sold and the more your commission will be generated.Whenever you join Amazon’s flat program, first of all fill your bank details correctly, then it is very much thought that the more money that comes in your affiliate account, the more you will benefit.

What is Geo targeting and how it is help in Amazon affiliate program

What is geo targeting and what does it mean by amazon activate program Now we will know first of all what is duty cutting which targeting is actually an international network like amazon affiliate marketing from 3 sites in more than 13 countries In the same way, if you register by visiting the website of different countries of Amazon, then you can generate more sales by bringing all the traffic to your website. In such a way that most of the traffic comes from international countries like Canada UK USA, then by bringing all that traffic on your own website, you can generate a lot of commission because very few people in India sell online and those who They do it directly from Amazon’s website or app, in such a situation if you have more and more commission generate.

So you can share more by bringing traffic from different countries to your website like there are many different websites. I have their website like Canada will have different websites. The USA may be different if you join such a program and If you focus more on international traffic, then you can share more and more of yourself like there are many apps. Where international people are connected, not from India, you go to those websites and register and show your product there, if people like it, then you will buy more and you will have more sales.


how did all of you guys like the information, in this we have told you about the Amazon Affiliate Program So by following our information, you can earn money very well from Namaz On and share it as much as possible by connecting to its affiliate program so that you can start generating a lot of commission.

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