What is the different between Facebook and Google?


As we know, Facebook is the biggest social networking website while Google is the biggest search engine. Facebook, we use it to share our thoughts and other things among friends and google helps us to find those things in just a single click. 

Apart from all circumstances, we have a big question in our mind. Is this possible to make a difference between facebook vs google ? Are you trying to find the answer to this question in your own way ? In this article, I am going to share my opinion and things that are different between facebook and google.

What is facebook ?

Facebook is a social networking website used to make friends and chat with those friends in many ways. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 in the USA. When facebook was launched, it suddenly became famous among college students. 

Facebook has many different features in it like Posting, Commenting, Making videos calls and chats and also has features for making friends all around the world. 

Shared posts can be seen by many people on the platform. Facebook also allows other people to make comments on any particular post and share it with their friends. 

What is Google ?

Google is famous for its search engine but it is not only a search engine. Google has many other products that help us to make our daily life so easy. Google has maps, google has calendar, Google has android and a lot more. 

Google can be used for finding anything on the internet and it also can be used to find a way also using its map features. 

Google is a multi features website. It is also called a multi technology company. Google has become a part of our life. We use android mobile, it is also a part of google. Google owns android. Google was founded by two American computer engineers Larry Page and Sergry Brin in 1998.

Facebook vs Google

It is very difficult to find common things between facebook and google. It has a separate reason and both are different platforms. Facebook is generally used to make friends and share our thoughts and many other things. 

While google is not a website. It has a multi application which is called google products. Let’s begin. 


Google is commonly used for Google search and Google mail. Google is being used by almost every person who uses the internet. Google has many products that could be used by internet users. In short, if we say Google is an internet company with many services, it would not be wrong. Google is considered as the biggest internet company because of its multi products, email and online office connectivity. 


Facebook is a social networking website with limited products and limited features. Facebook is generally used by those people who like social connectivity and make friends. 

Facebook is considered as the biggest social networking website. Facebook allows us to share our words and also allows us to make social connections. Facebook is the first social networking website that was built to chat with social friends and connect people. 

Google is mainly an internet applications company that specializes in internet search functions, while Facebook is a company that primarily provides a social networking website as its core product/service.


In this short article, I have tried to cover the most asked question on google “facebook vs google”. Hope you liked it, you can share it with your friends and comment down your opinion and questions. 

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